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I’ve said it previously however it likely bears rehashing that the second you question the bona-fides of any piece of the Bible you must scrutinize the part. So here are a couple of inquiries of mine which if truth be known could without much of a stretch be extended to monograph lengths.

MONOTHEISM versus POLYTHEISM: The Bible should be the establishment on which monotheism rests, yet there are many references to the truth of ‘other divine beings’ in Biblical writings.

Test question: Why do the Bible and God (who is really cited) offer believability to the presence of ‘other divine beings’ and hence the truth of polytheism?

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Inconsistencies: The Bible says both ‘love your foes’ and ‘destroy your adversaries’. So which is it to be? In the primary section of Genesis, God made monsters before man; in the second part of Genesis, man was made before the monsters. Moan.

Test question: Why is the Bible conflicting on these and different issues in the event that it had at last only one heavenly creator (but a great deal of copyists)?

WHEN WAS “IN THE BEGINNING”? There is by all accounts an inconsistency between the Rock of Ages, and the times of rocks. It was once basic information, determined by those obviously qualified to do as such, that as per the Bible, “at the outset” was fixed at 4004 BCE, and if memory serves, it was additionally fixed down to the specific month, date and time. Presently the Earth’s “in the first place” is gone back to generally 4.5 billion years BCE; the Universe’s (Heaven’s) “before all else” returns farther than that to generally 13.7 billion years BCE. There is a somewhat huge oddity here.

Test question: Why is that?

CAUSALITY “IN THE BEGINNING”: Genesis states plainly that God made (caused) the universe – paradise and earth. Subsequently God probably existed preceding everything without exception else having presence. However in the event that causality has any importance, any reason, similar to God, is the impact of a past reason.

Test question: If God made the Universe, what, or who, made (caused) God? On the off chance that God has consistently existed, at that point God’s vastly old. All things considered, an endless measure of time needed to pass before His making of our Universe – which is a ridiculousness. How could it be that you exist for an endless measure of time and the get then out of nowhere get this brilliant bible quiz thought or inclination to make a Universe? What was God doing the ‘day preceding’ He made our Universe?

DAY OF REST: before all else, over a multi day time frame, God made this, that and the following thing, or in a more present day manner of expression, ‘life, the universe and everything’. On the seventh day God took a vacation day and rested (what He did on the eighth, 10th, 10th, and so on day isn’t recorded).

Test question: If God is almighty, for what reason did God need to lay on the seventh day?

ALL-POWERFUL: While on the topic of God being almighty, unquestionably there are legitimate limits to that power.

Test question: Can God travel back as expected; fix or change the past; travel quicker than the speed of light; negate the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in quantum physical science; or achieve something that is self-opposing, such as making a round block or a cubical circle! Would god be able to draw more than one straight line between two focuses on a level piece of paper?

Paradise: It appears to be evident that since different actual creatures, for example, holy messengers, as portrayed in the Bible, dive from and climb to Heaven, including humans like Enoch and Elijah, that Heaven should be an actual 3-D spot with topographical, or rather divine, facilitates.

Test question: We realize where Mars is; the place where’s Heaven and why has it evaded our stargazers and additionally space tests since it must be genuinely close by as divine articles go?

Insightful DESIGN: One of God’s manifestations was Adam and Eve and accordingly the human species. God, being an all powerful and all-ground-breaking being, would clearly make a human body that was great, with regards to His own flawlessness. Why make something to a standard not exactly your best?

Test question: I’ll put it along these lines, if God made/planned people, if ‘man’ is made in God’s picture, indeed, next time your back leaves whack (or some other piece of your life structures so far as that is concerned), have a couple of decision expressions about how incredible an originator God truly is! Interpreted, did God bomb Anatomy 101?

Landmarks: Given the clearly tremendous significance of everything Biblical and everything Godly, it is very amazing that not one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World has any association with God or the Bible.

Test question: Why weren’t the people of yore dazzled enough with the Almighty to respect Him with a landmark or two or ten?

AN IN-YOUR-FACE DEITY: Now as indicated by the Old Testament, God chatted with a few simple humans, from Adam and Eve, to Noah and Moses and Jonah and a large group of others.

Test question: Why doesn’t God speak His face today? That is to say, He wasn’t too timid about chatting with us humans path back in Old Testament days, so what is God so scared of today? Clearly He hasn’t run out of significant things to advise us, or if nothing else a couple of those strict fat cats like the pope, or world pioneers? Where are each one of those reports about current ‘consuming shrubs’?

Petition: The Bible is loaded with references to asking and the force of supplication. In any case, does petition really go anyplace? It’s reasonable the God probably won’t allow you your supplication to win the lottery, however when, over the long haul, a great many and millions additional individuals, from popes down through the average citizens, have petitioned God for world harmony, a finish to affliction, no more starvation, a chicken in each pot, a rooftop over each head, great wellbeing to all, and so forth essentially a worldwide ideal world, what has been the outcome? Peruse your every day paper; watch the evening news. There is by all accounts a huge hole between Biblical way of talking and reality with regards to the force of petition. Truth be known, God doesn’t give a flying fig about you and your petitions. He has more pressing issues to attend to like how to keep Heaven warm as the Universe actually grows and chills. Those energy bills are stressing even His spending plan.

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