Story Scavenger Hunts – Digging For Dirt

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A long time back, I set up a forager chase for my companion’s lone rangeress party. I was unable to advise you in the event that she had a great time chasing down the treats or in the event that I had a good time making the rundown of unbelievable things she expected to gather for the duration of the evening. I can disclose to you that it was quite possibly the most energizing experiences we have been on all through our fellowship. I’ll always remember the expression all over each time she found (or asked) for a thing on the rundown from a total outsider.

Forager chases are frequently held for exceptional events and themed parties, yet as I would see it, scrounger chases fill a need in the newsroom, as well. Easy: journalists are on the chase for stories ordinary – much to their dismay that the signs are essentially falling in their laps.

Perhaps the most widely recognized grumblings I get with my understudies in both my news-casting and English classes is that they don’t have anything “to expound on.” This is beyond the realm of imagination. Truth be told, on our grounds, news and perspectives are wherever you look. From occasion banners coating the corridors and sports groups snatching public titles to a gathering of understudies fighting external an executive gathering and the inward battles of regular understudies, stories are essentially thinking of themselves.

What each understudy writer needs is a day by day forager chase. Every semester, I split my Journalism I understudies and send them off with a rundown. They have 20 minutes with 10 story thoughts in the accompanying classifications:

#1: Campus Event

#2: Specific division supported movement

#3: Campus Life/Student Activities forthcoming occasion

#4: Library-centered story

#5: Human Interest piece zeroing in on an understudy

#6: Personality profile on a teacher (note why the educator is newsworthy)

#7: Cafeteria/food administration centered story

#8: Sports highlight/occasion

#9: Historical backgrounder piece about a part of grounds

#10: Spotlight on a grounds club (note what is special about the club)

En route, they run into office secretaries (probably the most accommodating individuals nearby), grounds authorities, understudies, staff individuals, and competitors. Similarly as my companion came into contact and got to know outsiders during her single girl party, my understudies organization and assemble the main thing on the rundown – data.

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