The Bloodworm is Related to the Mosquito

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Bloodworms are the larval type of the Chironomidae gathering of Midges. These seem to be like mosquitoes, yet they don’t nibble. Truth be told the majority of them don’t eat while in the grown-up structure. The grown-ups just live for a brief time frame, mating around evening time, and the female laying her eggs into the water while flying low over the surface.


The eggs incubate into an animal than appears as though a trùng huyết đông lạnh tphcm worm albeit a few group object to the name Bloodworm since they have an exoskeleton and little legs.


They are red which is the thing that gives them the blood part of their name. This is brought about by the presence of a type of Hemoglobin. Normally it isn’t indistinguishable from Human Hemoglobin, yet it is additionally an Oxygen conveying color.

Natural surroundings

The Bloodworm lives close to the outside of the residue at the lower part of lakes and streams, eating the rotting plant material.

Bloodworms are exceptionally open minded toward contamination, and will live in very messy water that Humans like to avoid.

Bloodworms can be available in extremely high focuses.


Bloodworms are acceptable food to numerous things including fish and ruthless bugs. The Bloodworm is halfway ensured by the residue they live in, yet they are weak when they rise to the top to change into grown-ups. Now of their life, many get eaten by fish.


In spite of the fact that I have lumped them together under their normal name, there are many various types of bloodworm that have been logically portrayed, and potentially thousands that have not yet been depicted.

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