Vapour Steam Cleaner – Kitchen Dirt & Grease Buster

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Let’s face it. One of the hardest places to clean is the kitchen especially if it’s a busy commercial kitchen. Since it is where the preparation of food takes place, it needs a thorough and tough cleaning method to attain a clean and hygienic environment all the time.

Unsanitary kitchen means unhealthy food. So the best way to clean kitchens is using vapour steam cleaner.

What is Vapour Steam Cleaner?

Vapor steam cleaner is a high quality steam cleaning equipment designed for efficient and effective cleaning. It uses superheated dry steam combined with chemical injection to dissolve dirt and clean surfaces dry.

Vapour steam cleaner also has a powerful built in vacuum system.

A Perfect Steam Cleaning Equipment

Owners do invest on vapour steam cleaners for the following reasons:

* Clean baked on grease and wipe greasy or oily hoods. Degrease heavy build ups of grease thus restoring kitchen tools and equipments to new such as ovens and stoves.
* Soothing almost all surfaces quickly and without making a mess.
* Deeply clean fridge, tables & chairs, tile and grout.
* Has a temperature of up to 180ËsC steam that melts away years of grease and surfaces that were once nearly impossible to clean.
*Is superb for removing stains, bacteria and mould. Disinfects food preparation areas.
* Incomparable and amazing results. Cleans and simultaneously sanitising without the use of harsh chemicals.
* Cost saving. Faster clean and easy to use. Time-consuming, effortless and efficient steam cleaning equipment.

Vapour steam cleaners like a Jetvac is indeed a perfect steam cleaning equipment for commercial kitchens. Whether it is a commercial or home kitchen, A wide range of Tecnovap Jetsteam & Jetvac vapour steam cleaners are available in the market today which are perfectly matched to your cleaning needs.

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